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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Heather Policky

So, I'm checking out my blog todayand I suddenly realize that in over 17 months I an yet to feature one of my favourite women, the lovely Heather Policky. Most believe Heather's quads to be her best bodypart and amongst the best legs in the world. I agree about them being the best quads in the world, but as for her physique as a whole, I think she is the full package, a beautiful combination of shoulders, arms, back, chest and of course, those lovely quads. She's big.. Her muscles are VERY big. Well, that's why she's on here o course.. BIG girls rule, oh yeah I those big women.
I like her story, she met a female bodybuilder in the 6th grade (I'm guessing that's around 12 or 13?) She instantly fell in love with the physique.She says " I grew up reading Flex and Muscle and fitness, loved it, loved big muscles, future bodybuilding shmoe"
Okay, here's some great pics and videos of this big lovely bulging beauty. Enjoy.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Anne Freitas before and after

It's transformation time again folks. This time the lovely and now VERY muscular Anne Freitas. I was browsing through my posts earlier and even though I featured Anne some time ago, I'd like to highlight just how much this bodybuilder has grown over the last 5 years.
When a person is a natural mesomorph, then it's not all that surprising to see them take full advantage of their good genetics and become powerlifters or bodybuilders.
What really fascinates me though, is when you see an average, or in Anne's case, even smaller than average. She's only around 5'2'' tall and in 2008 was under 100 lbs. She was small, suited more to compete in the figure class (which she did for a year or 2) But Anne's heart was in bodybuilding. I've read her bio and came across an interesting quote from her (which I mentioned in an earlier post of hers) She say's : Ever since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated with big muscular bodies.
Now given that Anne is by nature an ectomorph (naturally slim with very little muscle mass) It means that she literally has to work twice as hard, eat, a ton of food a day, and dedicate those 5 years in to building the body that SHE wants. This is what truly fascinates me. It's by no means odd of course, lots of people want big muscles. But Anne is special. Here's a young lady who has dismissed her natural body type and the advice that she is better suited to being a figure girl. Indeed, from a young age, Anne had a vision of what she wanted to do with her body.
Take a good look at a slim girl who fulfilled her dreams of becoming a super FREAKY BEEFCAKE.
I like this. Why? Because it shows real passion. This isn't a girl just taking advantage of her genetics. This is a girl who is as attracted to BIG MUSCLE as I and other female muscle lovers are.
Anne is one of those rare breed of women for whom becoming as big and muscular as possible, is a goal that they WILL fulfill regardless of the genes that their parents gave them.
It's just an added bonus that's all, I LOVE a woman with a passion for huge muscle, and Anne certainly fills that criteria.

It's amazing how Anne has transformed herself. Before she was cute and petite. Only 5 or 6 years later, she has become HUGE and FREAKY! What do yo think of Anne's transformation? I love it! A lot of people will NOT like it!  Who cares! Anne has always wanted to be HUGE, and this is her idea of beauty. Will she push the boundaries even more? Time will tell. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Lisa Aukland

Sometimes it's harder to gather photos and info off the net of certain women. Some gals like to really market themselves and make a full time career out of their chosen hobby/sport, so obviously the girls who put themselves about a lot, well it's far easier to pick and choose the photos and vidoe(s) I wish to display herer on my blog. I'm rather fussy, I post only what I believe show's the lady in her best condition.
We all as humans often have off/rough days, where we look nowhere near our best. Sometimes you see that in female muscle photos. I've always wanted to showcase a VERY MUSCULAR WOMAN in her best light/condition. I've seen many articles of the women I love, being displayed  with their faces looking hagard/tired, washed out. And it's usually one of the first things critics jump on. If you're going to dislike enen hate these very hardworking muscular women, then please, at least do it for the right reasons, you know like for the plain reason that you just don't enjoy the muscular look on a woman.
Back to business ( btw I have many gripes about people's misconceptions and views on female muscle, that's just one that I felt like writing seen as it's recently been brought up else where)
Now, Lisa Aukland. For my readers whom gravitate to the biggest of the big, well you may? find Lisa a wee bit on the smaller side of hardcore. Don't get me wrong, she's plenty big 170lbs off season at 5'4''. Now that's big, far more muscle that the average joe, although to be honest, average joe in terms of muscle and strength, is pretty darn pathetic. Sorry if that offends anyone, it's just my thought on it.

Here's Lisa, she's absolutely gorgeous, talk about muscle enhancing curves on a woman, look no further. Curvy, Musclar, lean, very pretty, and when you take a look at her video... Well, I think you'll be excited instantly lol.
One of the prettiest, most elegant, demure, sexy ladies I've ever seen.

 Great comparison pic of just one years transformation, definitely put on a good 7 or 8 lbs of muscle.